We will present 3D live theatre featuring Noh “Heike Monogatari”

We proudly announce a new partnership with NEGA to produce a 3D live theatre featuring Japanese traditional performing arts Noh, which will be staged at Kanze Nohgakudo on 19th August, 2017.


Venue: Kanze Nogakudo
Cast: Takanobu Sakaguchi
Director: Shutaro Oku
Technical Director: Kentaro Fukuchi
Supervisor: Keiichiro Tuchiya
Producer: Junichi Tuchiya
Sponsors: Kanze School, Meiji University, Panasonic

NEGA Co. and Fukuchi Lab. announce collaborative agreement for the stage play adaptation of “Ghost in the Shell: ARISE”


We proudly announce the collaborative agreement with NEGA Co. for the upcoming stage play adaptation of “Ghost in the Shell: ARISE”.

The play integrates three-dimensional visual that interacts with the performers. We provide some novel vision technologies to enhance the performance.

“Ghost in the Shell ARISE: Ghost is Alive” will run Nov. 5-15 at the Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijō Playhouse.

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Admission for 2014 (2nd term)

Entrance examination for master/doctor course students will be conducted in February, and the application period is 9-15 January.

Research topics:

  • Communication system over interactive media
  • Communication system over computer aided manufacturing
  • Digital sports
  • Input/Output technologies including tabletops systems and public displays
  • Interactive contents using self-image projection
  • Edutainment (education + entertainment)
  • Computer game history

Please access the admission policies and the admission guideline for the detailed information.