Admission for 2014 (2nd term)

Entrance examination for master/doctor course students will be conducted in February, and the application period is 9-15 January.

Research topics:

  • Communication system over interactive media
  • Communication system over computer aided manufacturing
  • Digital sports
  • Input/Output technologies including tabletops systems and public displays
  • Interactive contents using self-image projection
  • Edutainment (education + entertainment)
  • Computer game history

Please access the admission policies and the admission guideline for the detailed information.

CfP: Blue Screen of Death Ver. 1.0

We are pleased to announce the upcoming event called “Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) Version 1.0”.

BSoD is an experimental workshop event dedicated for visual performers and developers who are developing VJ software, interactive system for visual performance, etc, etc. Don’t hesitate to introduce your immature system: feel free to test your cutting-edge, fresh-from-oven product.