We will present 3D live theatre featuring Noh “Heike Monogatari”

We proudly announce a new partnership with NEGA to produce a 3D live theatre featuring Japanese traditional performing arts Noh, which will be staged at Kanze Nohgakudo on 19th August, 2017.


Venue: Kanze Nogakudo
Cast: Takanobu Sakaguchi
Director: Shutaro Oku
Technical Director: Kentaro Fukuchi
Supervisor: Keiichiro Tuchiya
Producer: Junichi Tuchiya
Sponsors: Kanze School, Meiji University, Panasonic

CfP: Blue Screen of Death Ver. 1.0

We are pleased to announce the upcoming event called “Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) Version 1.0”.

BSoD is an experimental workshop event dedicated for visual performers and developers who are developing VJ software, interactive system for visual performance, etc, etc. Don’t hesitate to introduce your immature system: feel free to test your cutting-edge, fresh-from-oven product.

Two demo presentations at Interactive Tabletops and Surface 2011

We presented two demonstrations at ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surface 2011 (ITS2011).

Ficon: a tangible display device for tabletop system using optical fiber“:  Ryuske Nakabayashi, Toshiki Sato (UEC), Kentaro Fukuchi, Yuta Takada

Biri-biri: pressure-sensitive touch interface with electrical stimulation“:  Haruna Eto, Yasushi Matoba (UEC), Toshiki Sato (UEC), Kentaro Fukuchi (UEC), Hideki Koike (UEC), Hiroyuki Kajimoto (UEC)