Biri-Biri: pressure-sensitive touch interface with electrical stimulation

Yasushi Matoba, Haruna Eto, Toshiki Sato, Kentaro Fukuchi, Hideki Koike

Koike Lab. at the Univeristy of Electro-Communications
& Fukuchi Lab. at Meiji University


Biri-Biri is a new touch interface system that enhances touch-based interactions by providing electrical-stimulations as feedback. The proposed system uses a low-frequency muscle/nerve stimulator combined with a pressure-sensitive touch interface covered with a conductive surface and generates pseudo-vibrations and/or electric shocks that can be felt directly in the user's finger without the need for any additional equipment.

How it works

The proposed system generates virtual vibrations as feedback for the user's finger by applying a low-frequency alternating electrical current to the finger muscle and nerve. The following figure illustrates the system diagram: the user touches the panel using a finger of his dominant hand, and grips the handle connected to the ground using the other hand. The surface of the panel is covered with a conductive surface. When the surface is touched, the circuit is completed and the system is ready to apply a current to the user's finger. Unlikely to previous works, the system can generate a vibration feedback while the user maintains his finger still on the display surface.

Notice: the exhibition version of Biri-Biri is arranged for public use, in which the user grabs the electrode AND touches the surface by the same hand.